On 15th April 2020 we pledged, via #MyTravelPledge, to offer free short-breaks to @NHSuk hospital staff when the coronavirus crisis eases and travel restrictions are relaxed. We were overwhelmed by the interest in our offer and have now more than fulfilled our pledge to provide 7 nights free accommodation. We feel honoured to be able to do this and would like to continue to recognise the sacrifices and dedication of health-workers.  


We have now updated the way (see the form below) in which you might nominate someone, including yourself, for a 10% discounted stay of between 3 & 7 nights at our cottage. The discount will be issued to the nominee as a non-transferrable coupon, redeemable for up to a year. The general aims terms and conditions of the scheme remain as described at https://www.mytravelpledge.com.

There is no great rush to complete your nomination, but it would help us to know how many people would like to stay with us and it may be reassuring for you and/or your nominee to know that you/they have secured a coupon before restrictions are lifted. We still don't know when we can open our booking system again and, if there will be any limitations on how we operate from then on and how other uncertainties may impact on our lives. However, we will endeavour to find dates in the booking calendar for all who receive coupons. You can look at our prices by clicking the BOOK button on the top menu bar, but please don't try to book before restrictions are lifted and you have contacted us first. 

We will delete Hospital ID cards once they have been verified but keep a hard copy of photo ID  of the nominee for identification purposes when they check in to the cottage.

Thanks for all your hard work and we are grateful for your interest in our small business.

Sheila and Steve

18th April 2020

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